Concealing the barriers: An exploratory discussion of non-trade barriers' efficacy in light of 'the shrimp-turtle case’ and 'beef hormone controversy'

The policy uncertainties in global economic relations that oscillated the conventional order due to BREXIT and Trump's foreign economic policy necessitate a thoroughgoing analysis of the non-trade barriers since they served as the impetus in both events. Indeed, these events and global trade-inhibiting elements coalescing around them were bolstered by notorious antecedents. Hence this paper delves into two seminal cases, 'The Shrimp-Turtle Caseand 'Beef Hormone Controversy', to identify the efficacy of the non-trade barriers' as a long-term policy. The paper deploys a qualitative case-study method on an exploratory basis and purveys contribution by rendering a theoretical segregation between the policy response and cogent and sound policy.