SWOT analysis of Karabakh's agriculture: Opportunities for application of agricultural innovation systems

The liberation of Azerbaijan's Karabakh territory from Armenian occupation promises prospects for the region's development and various sectors of the economy as a whole. Because the goal of reviving Karabakh is to revive the region with a new concept, using new methods, technologies and innovations. From this point of view, the opportunities created in agriculture, which is one of the priority sectors of the Karabakh economy, can open new opportunities for both Karabakh and Azerbaijan. The article aims to do the SWOT analysis of Karabakh's agriculture within certain limits and the opportunities of applying Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS) in the region, which are used in many developed countries in the direction of this analysis. For this purpose, the SWOT analysis was conducted. Studying the region's specific realities reveals the possibility of implementing several applications of AIS in Karabakh and the positive impact of these applications on the country's economy. The results can be used in the current multifaceted plans for Karabakh and their implementation.