Importance of non-oil sector in Azerbaijan economy

Development of Azerbaijan's economy is one of the state's top priorities. Diversification of the economy is important for sustainable development. For the last 30 years, important work has been done to develop the non-oil sector in Azerbaijan economy, which is based on the oil factor. This article examines the development trends of the non-oil sector and its future prospects. Based on the statistics of recent years, the development trends of the non-oil sector are identified and which areas need more development. This article shows the pace of development of the Azerbaijan economy over the past decade and discusses the contribution of the non-oil sector. There is a dependence from natural resources and non-oil sector development should be accepted as a not disputable solution. More recently, the development rate of non-oil sector slowed down in 2020 due to the global pandemic but the overall rate seems promising in terms of diversification of national economy.