The potential impacts of Brexit on the UK economy

The article examines the potential economic effects on the United Kingdom (UK) following its decision to leave the European Union (EU) known as Brexit. The current article starts with analyzing the important impact of the uncertainty caused by Brexit over the economy of the United Kingdom. The key points of the Brexit agreement achieved between the UK and the EU would be also explained. In the last part economic forecasts related to the economy of the UK would be presented and analyzed in order to better understand how large the economic impact of Brexit could be. Research methods involving both qualitative and quantitative data were mainly used to write the research article and analyze its purpose. The Statistical analysis is introduced to prove the impact of Brexit event on the economic performance of the United Kingdom and also for measuring the effects caused by the uncertainty during Brexit transition period on the behaviour of firms' investment decision and the evolution of other variables. The practical importance of the current article is related to its main subject; Brexit which is a new form of desintegration and its impact on short and long term on the United Kingdom's economic position. The results obtained could be also used to predict the consequences of such decisions of desintegration on the involved countries in future scenarios.


Salih, A. (2021). The potential impacts of Brexit on the UK economy. ASERC Journal of Socio-Economic Studies, 4(1), 54-63. DOI:10.30546/2663-7251.2021.4.1.54