Determinants of students' life satisfaction in Azerbaijan: Empirical analyses

The article aims to reveal major determinants of life satisfaction among university students in Azerbaijan. Employing Robust Least Squares with M-Estimation method and survey data of 824 students (452 female, 372 male) from higher education institutions, authors investigate the impact of age, gender status, strength of family ties, the level of religiosity and tolerance to other religions, and hopefulness about the future over students' life satisfaction. Results show no significant role of age. Students' life satisfaction is positively associated with the level of trust in family members, level of religiosity and tolerance to other religions (p < 0.05). Optimism about the future is also one of the major life satisfaction determinants among students (p<0.01). To enhance life satisfaction of students, universities are invited to maintain suitable environment for students to pray, as well as establishing or increasing quality of free psychological support unit. Research findings are highly useful for policy purposes at institutional and national level.