US-China trade war: Impact of COVID-19 pandemic

The development of China's economy has led to increasing political and economic tensions between US-China. Increasing imports from China caused to raise trade deficit in the trade balance of the US. Imposed and mutual increasing tariffs made desperate relations between these countries. Afterwards, these turned into the trade and currency war. The impact of the trade and currency war between the United States and China on the economies of other countries makes these issues one of the most pressing issues. These two countries signed a trade agreement to adjust relations, reduce the deficit. The most important problem is also the Covid-19 outbreak because, after the trade deal, the pandemic both made invalid deal and changed the economic balance in the world. The weakened pandemic trade between the two countries thus reduced the US trade deficit. The deficit increased again in the second half of 2020 with an increase in imports of medical supplies as well as medical masks from China. China was able to overcome the pandemic easily and recovered its own economy. The main purpose of this study is to study the trade war between the United States and China and its main reasons, how the Covid-19 pandemic affects the trade war. Other goals of the research are to compare the economic performances of the United States and China with the pre-pandemic period, to determine what changes have taken place in the US and China's economies as a result of the pandemic, to analyze these changes.


Ismayilov, A., & Babayeva, F. (2021). US-China trade war: Impact of COVID-19 pandemic. ASERC Journal of Socio-Economic Studies, 4(1), 43-53. DOI:10.30546/2663-7251.2021.4.1.43